Avoid Financial Surprises when Buying a New Car

new car dealership BramptonThe high cost of new vehicles has made many people think twice before investing in a new car. Those who do take the plunge should ensure they are getting their money’s worth for the vehicle they buy. Working with a reputable new car dealership Brampton will help consumers get the best prices. Even then, consumers should be aware of additional fees that can affect vehicle cost. By asking the following questions, consumers can avoid financial surprises when closing the deal on their new car.

What’s the Final Cost of the Car?

new car dealership Brampton

Many times, the dealer’s list price is not the final cost of the car. Most dealerships add additional fees to new car prices that buyers may not be aware of. Many of these fees such as sales tax, documentation charges and registration fees are legitimate. Others may be questionable. Before closing a car deal, buyers should make sure they are given a rundown of additional fees that will be added to the list price. They can then question fees they don’t understand or refuse to pay those that have no merit other than to add profit to the dealership.

What’s the Cost of Documentation?

new car dealership Brampton

Most all dealers charge a fee for filling out paperwork to complete a car sale. The amount of this fee, however, may vary from dealer to dealer. Many states put a cap on the documentation fee, keeping it within $100. Other states have no regulation for this fee which means dealers can charge anywhere between $100 and $500 or more. Many dealers won’t mention this fee until after the deal has been made. By requesting to know the documentation fee in advance, consumers have greater bargaining power to negotiate a better deal.

Does the Car Have Add-Ons that Increases its Cost?

new car dealership Brampton

New cars come with standard equipment from the factory with the option of adding on certain features that consumers may desire. In some cases, dealers will add items on their own to boost their profit. Typical add-ons could include tinted windows, paint protection, mud flaps, after-market alarms, etc. Dealer add-ons without buyer consent can result in a much higher markup on the cost of the car. Before finalizing a car deal, consumers should review the contract carefully to see if any unauthorized add-ons have been included in the deal. If so, consumers can refuse such additions or negotiate lower prices for the add-ons they want to retain as part of their package.


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