Top 4 Myths About Buying a New Car from a Dealership in Brampton

new car dealership bramptonMyth #1: Always avoid the first year of new models.
This myth has origins dating back to the 1970s. At that time, more cars were getting recalled than were being sold. The myth also has ties to the stereotype of the shady car salesman from the ‘70s, who tries to sell a car he knows is a piece of junk. Rest assured that cars and car parts are rigorously tested by carmakers before they can ever appear in a Brampton new car dealership showroom, and the first year of car models are no more suspect to problems than any other car on the lot.

new car dealership bramptonMyth #2: Magazine reviews can be trusted completely.
Many people buy cars without taking test drives because they read a glowing review in a beloved car magazine. In a lot of cases, they trust mere opinions in various publications over common sense. It is far smarter to take a conglomeration of sources and personal research into account when purchasing a new car. Test drive cars, compare specifications, and read reviews not only from publications, but also online. The personal needs of the buyer should also be a top priority. Car buyers should not rely on only one source of information when looking at potential cars.

new car dealership bramptonMyth #3: Paying in cash vs. financing will get buyers a better deal.
Paying in cash does not automatically make the car’s price cheaper. It simply means the buyer is finalizing the deal completely on a car. In some cases, financing may actually be a better deal all around than paying in cash. For instance, say a buyer wants to purchase a $25,000 car outright with cash. However, they can get a good interest rate if they finance – let’s say 1 percent for 3 years after a down payment of a few thousand dollars. This means they will only end up paying around $300 total in interest. This lets them keep tens of thousands of dollars in the bank (and earning interest, which will probably pay back that $300 quickly) versus having that money all tied up in their car.

new car dealership bramptonMyth #4: Buyers can trick the salesperson into giving them a better deal.
Car salespeople have seen every trick in the book, and it will never benefit the buyer to try to be underhanded about a car deal. For instance, some people may try bluffing – pretending they’re not interested, or pretending that they’ll walk away if they can’t get a better price. This is not the way to cut a deal. Instead, buyers should show up at the new car dealership brampton with honest interest in the cars they like, and ready to show that they are responsible, mature buyers not only with the means to purchase a car, but also to make a friendly, respectful deal.
If people in the market for a new car understand these myths, they’ll be primed to make a great purchase on a car that suits them perfectly.


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